Month: January 2009


Catherine ROYER, Marie-Jose LEANDRY and Daniele EYNARD who were teaching mathematics at Al mawaheb school as weel as Philippe FERY in mathematics and Jean-Christophe LEARD in science are now back

Cedric Villani

Cedric Villani, 37 years old, now Head of the Henri Poincare Institute , has been awarded the Fields Medal, the highest distinction a mathematician could hope for. He was student

Paris LLG team

Ask any question about the site or, please, give your advice. If you are registered, it is possible to get indivudual contact with any member of Abu Dhabi LLG team

Students activities and exchanges

To encourage the initiative,the resourcefulness,the originality,the imagination,the creativity of the students and to develop an exchange between the students (grade 10) of Louis Le Grand and the students in the

Challenging problems

This problems are set to all students of the Advanced Math and Science Pilot Class. All registered students ( specialy LLG students or students of excellency section of Lycee francais