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LLG team. You can get here the first maths problem of the week.
The second is an english-arabic mathematical glossary which will be proposed by a small group of students chosen by the teachers of the two schools and published on this site (this item is availlable by the main menu).

  • An important feature of physics training is related with practice works. This item is directly available by the main menu (left column). The teachers will propose here (in complement of the school notebook, see this item below) every week, the special homework to prepare the physic or chemistry session held at school. To help the students and give them a more concrete view of the topic, a video realized by the teachers will be displayed. You can get here a very short example.
  • Search works are in the core LLG project. In the spirit of french TPE (framed personal works), a subjetct will be proposed to a small group of students linking mathematics and physics. You can read more in the post The spirit of search works.
  • The items of the resources menu.

Contact us: the main item opens a contact form to write to the webmaster. After login every registered user will see two submenus, one to get individual contact with the teachers of Abu Dhabi LLG team or M. Gabriel Nader coordinator of ADEC and the second to get a global contact with Paris LLG team.
The school notebook sets the progress of the work at school and the homework.
The maths problem of the week forum : we spoke of it above.