Advanced Math

–ěne is dedicated to the problem of the week, a challenging problem proposed to the students of Advanced Math and Science Pilot Class but also to those who are interested from the two hosting model schools and from lycee Louis le Grand. A forum (see resources menu in the left column) dedicated to the problem of the week is a way for the students to share their solutions and ideas. Everybody may read the forum’s posts, but to submit a post it is necessery to be registered. During the first week of the academic year (for the students) a link under the login form will let to open an account. A mail will be automatically sent to activate this account. The forum will be supervised by the teachers of Abu Dhabi LLG team. You can get here the first maths problem of the week.
The second is an english-arabic mathematical glossary which will be proposed by a small group of students chosen by the teachers of the two schools and published on this site (this item is availlable by the main menu).