Challenging problems

This problems are set to all students of the Advanced Math and Science Pilot Class. All registered students ( specialy LLG students or students of excellency section of Lycee francais de Pondichery ) are welcome to propose their hints or solutions in the maths forum. Try it !

Challenging problem 2
Thursday, 02 September 2010 20:57 G.A.E-mailPrintPDF
This question raised up after a talk given by Etienne Ghys about optimal transport at the student seminar of LLG. The talk is related to Cedric Villani work about optimal transport but was focused on the very beginning of the theory, i.e. on the very rich and stimulating memoir of Gaspard Monge : Memoire sur la theorie des deblais et remblais.

The proposed challenging problem is just an adaptation of an idea Monge has developped in his memoir.
See here the problem statement.
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Challenging problem 1
Sunday, 13 September 2009 22:50 G.A.E-mailPrintPDF

  1. Let ABC an equilateral triangle and M a point inside ABC such that :
    MA=4, MB=3 and MC=5 (a length unit being choosen). What is the area of the triangle