Catherine ROYER, Marie-Jose LEANDRY and Daniele EYNARD who were teaching mathematics at Al mawaheb school as weel as Philippe FERY in mathematics and Jean-Christophe LEARD in science are now back to France.

Three new colleagues are coming to Abu Dhabi for this new academic year :

Dominique Rigaud
Christelle QUERU

This year, a new curriculum is starting. Dominique Rigaud and Nicola Sottocornola will teach mathematical technics for physics, the previous at Al mawaheb school and the latter at Al ittihad school. Christelle Queru as Theo Giani will teach the mathematics curriculum.

The LLG team will come from Paris for two days in Abu Dhabi ( 30/09 and 01/10:2013) to visist the two schools.

We wish everybody a great scool year !

Last Updated ( Sunday, 22 September 2013 04:19 )