The active searchs

The active searchs in the archives to provide the exhibition were the opportunity of a happy discovery. The great mathematician Joseph Liouville was temporary teacher at lycee Louis le Grand (at the time College Royal Louis le Grand). In particular he was substitute for the saturday lectures of Louis-Paul Emile Richard a great professor, then being in bad health; this latter had the luck to be teacher of Evariste Galois, Charles Hermite, Urbain le Verrrier and probably Joseph-Alfred Serret, not less! It is striking that Liouville published in his review Journal de Liouville1 the first account on Galois work in 1846. You can read a here a richer report on Liouville.

The fact that Liouville was for some time a substitute of Richard was likely unknown before the exhibition. Here below is a reproduction of the curriculum index of Liouville. The excerpt is drawn from page 96 of a heavy in folio account-book. Clicking the picture you can get it at a bigger size.